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Sites d'accès restreint

Visit retricted access web sites

These web sites will send you to CheckAge to validate your age.
No need to give them your ID nor your credit card data...

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Over-age or Under-age?

We only tell to the web sites one thing:
if you are over-age or under-age.

Security is our priority

Your data are not stored on Internet

As soon as we validated your documents, we remove them from Internet.
We keep a copy away from malicious eyes, for legal reasons.

A robust protocol

The discussions between you, the visited sites, and CheckAge, are realized through the OAuth2 protocol, which is state-of-the-art.

A seasoned team

Our team has supervised numerous web sitez during over 10 years, without any problem...
We cannot guarantee that we cannot be hacked, but we take all reasonable measures to avoid it.

CheckAge validates your age based on the documents you send.
If you send fake documents, your responsabilty will be engaged.